maitreya uvaca
sat-sevaniyo bata puru-vamso
yal loka-palo bhagavat-pradhanah
pade pade nutanayasy abhiksnam
maitreyah uvacaSri Maitreya Muni said; sat-sevaniyahworthy to serve the pure devotees; bataoh, certainly; puru-vamsahthe descendants of King Puru; yatbecause; loka-palahthe kings are; bhagavat-pradhanahchiefly devoted to the Personality of Godhead; babhuvithayou are also born; ihain this; ajitathe Lord, who is unconquerable; kirti-malamchain of transcendental activities; pade padestep by step; nutanayasibecoming newer and newer; abhiksnamalways.
The great sage Maitreya Muni said to Vidura: The royal dynasty of King Puru is worthy to serve the pure devotees because all the descendants of that family are devoted to the Personality of Godhead. You are also born in that family, and it is wonderful that because of your attempt the transcendental pastimes of the Lord are becoming newer and newer at every moment.
The great sage Maitreya thanked Vidura and praised him by reference to his family glories. The Puru dynasty was full of devotees of the Personality of Godhead and was therefore glorious. Because they were not attached to impersonal Brahman or to the localized Paramatma but were directly attached to Bhagavan, the Personality of Godhead, they were worthy to render service to the Lord and His pure devotees. Because Vidura was one of the descendants of that family, naturally he engaged in spreading wide the ever-new glories of the Lord. Maitreya felt happy to have such glorious company as Vidura. He considered the company of Vidura most desirable because such association can accelerate ones dormant propensities for devotional service.

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