anuvratanam sisyanam
putranam ca dvijottama
anaprstam api bruyur
guravo dina-vatsalah
anuvratanamthe followers; sisyanamof the disciples; putranamof the sons; caalso; dvija-uttamaO best amongst the brahmanas; anaprstamthat which is not asked for; apiin spite of; bruyuhplease describe; guravahthe spiritual masters; dina-vatsalahwho are kind to the needy.
O best among the brahmanas, those who are spiritual masters are very kind to the needy. They are always kind to their followers, disciples and sons, and without being asked by them, the spiritual master describes all that is knowledge.
There are many subjects to be known from the bona fide spiritual master. The followers, disciples and sons are all on one level for the bona fide spiritual master, and he is always kind to them and always speaks to them on transcendental subjects, even though he is not asked by them. That is the nature of the bona fide spiritual master. Vidura appealed to Maitreya Muni to speak on subjects about which he might not have asked.

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