danasya tapaso vapi
yac cesta-purtayoh phalam
pravasa-sthasya yo dharmo
yas ca pumsa utapadi
danasya—of charity; tapasah—of penance; vapi—lake; yat—that which; ca—and; ista—endeavor; purtayoh—of reservoirs of water; phalam—fruitive result; pravasa-sthasya—one who is away from home; yah—that which; dharmah—duty; yah ca—and which; pumsah—of man; uta—described; apadi—in danger.
Please also describe the fruitive results of charity and penance and of digging reservoirs of water. Please describe the situation of persons who are away from home and also the duty of a man in an awkward position.
The digging of reservoirs of water for public use is a great work of charity, and retiring from family life after fifty years of age is a great act of penance performed by the sober human being.

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