sirsno ’sya dyaur dhara padbhyam
kham nabher udapadyata
gunanam vrttayo yesu
pratiyante suradayah
sirsnah—head; asya—of the gigantic form; dyauh—the heavenly planets; dhara—earthly planets; padbhyam—on His legs; kham—the sky; nabheh—from the abdomen; udapadyata—became manifested; gunanam—of the three modes of nature; vrttayah—reactions; yesu—in which; pratiyante—manifest; sura-adayah—the demigods and others.
Thereafter, from the head of the gigantic form, the heavenly planets were manifested, and from His legs the earthly planets and from His abdomen the sky separately manifested themselves. Within them the demigods and others also were manifested in terms of the modes of material nature.

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