karnav asya vinirbhinnau
dhisnyam svam vivisur disah
srotrenamsena sabdasya
siddhim yena prapadyate
karnau—the ears; asya—of the gigantic form; vinirbhinnau—being thus separated; dhisnyam—the controlling deity; svam—own; vivisuh—entered; disah—of the directions; srotrena amsena—with the hearing principles; sabdasya—of the sound; siddhim—perfection; yena—by which; prapadyate—is experienced.
When the ears of the gigantic form became manifested, all the controlling deities of the directions entered into them with the hearing principles, by which all the living entities hear and take advantage of sound.
The ear is the most important instrument in the body of the living entity. Sound is the most important medium for carrying the message of distant and unknown things. The perfection of all sound or knowledge enters through the ear and makes one’s life perfect. The entire Vedic system of knowledge is received by aural reception only, and thus sound is the most important source of knowledge.

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