tasyagnir asyam nirbhinnam
loka-palo visat padam
vaca svamsena vaktavyam
yayasau pratipadyate
tasyaHis; agnihfire; asyammouth; nirbhinnamthus separated; loka-palahthe directors of material affairs; avisatentered; padamrespective positions; vacaby words; sva-amsenaby ones own part; vaktavyamspeeches; yayaby which; asauthey; pratipadyateexpress.
Agni, or heat, separated from His mouth, and all the directors of material affairs entered into it in their respective positions. By that energy the living entity expresses himself in words.
The mouth of the gigantic universal form of the Lord is the source of the speaking power. The director of the fire element is the controlling deity, or the adhidaiva. The speeches delivered are adhyatma, or bodily functions, and the subject matter of the speeches is material productions, or the adhibhuta principle.

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