rsir uvaca
iti tasam sva-saktinam
satinam asametya sah
nisamya gatim isvarah
rsih uvaca—the Rsi Maitreya said; iti—thus; tasam—their; sva-saktinam—own potency; satinam—so situated; asametya—without combination; sah—He (the Lord); prasupta—suspended; loka-tantranam—in the universal creations; nisamya—hearing; gatim—progress; isvarah—the Lord.
The Rsi Maitreya said: The Lord thus heard about the suspension of the progressive creative functions of the universe due to the noncombination of His potencies, such as the mahat-tattva.
There is nothing wanting in the creation of the Lord; all the potencies are there in a dormant state. But unless they are combined by the will of the Lord, nothing can progress. The suspended progressive work of creation can only be revived by the direction of the Lord.

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