tat te vayam loka-sisrksayadya
tvayanusrstas tribhir atmabhih sma
sarve viyuktah sva-vihara-tantram
na saknumas tat pratihartave te
tattherefore; teYour; vayamall of us; lokaworld; sisrksayafor the sake of creation; adyaO Original person; tvayaby You; anusrstahbeing created one after another; tribhihby the three modes of nature; atmabhihby ones own; smain the past; sarveall; viyuktahseparated; sva-vihara-tantramthe network of activities for ones own pleasure; nanot; saknumahcould do it; tatthat; pratihartaveto award; teunto Your.
O Original Person, we are therefore but Yours only. Although we are Your creatures, we are born one after another under the influence of the three modes of nature, and for this reason we are separated in action. Therefore, after the creation we could not act concertedly for Your transcendental pleasure.
The cosmic creation is working under the influence of the three modes of the external potency of the Lord. Different creatures are also under the same influence, and therefore they cannot act concertedly in satisfying the Lord. Because of this diverse activity, there cannot be any harmony in the material world. The best policy, therefore, is to act for the sake of the Lord. That will bring about the desired harmony.

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