tasmin maha-bhagavato
lokan anucaran siddha
asasada yadrcchaya
tasminthen; maha-bhagavataha great devotee of the Lord; dvaipayanaof Krsna-dvaipayana Vyasa; suhrta well-wisher; sakhaa friend; lokanthe three worlds; anucarantraveling; siddhein that asrama; asasadaarrived; yadrcchayaby his own perfect accord.
At that time, after traveling in many parts of the world, Maitreya, a great devotee of the Lord and a friend and well-wisher of the great sage Krsna-dvaipayana Vyasa, reached that spot out of his own perfect accord.
Maitreya was one of the disciples of Maharsi Parasara, the father of Vyasadeva. Thus Vyasadeva and Maitreya were friends and mutual well-wishers. By some fortunate accident, Maitreya reached the place where Lord Sri Krsna was resting. To meet the Lord is not an ordinary incident. Maitreya was a great sage and a learned scholar-philosopher but not a pure devotee of the Lord, and therefore his meeting with the Lord at that time may have been due to ajnata-sukrti, or some unknown devotional service. Pure devotees always engage in pure devotional activities, and therefore their meeting with the Lord is natural. But when those who are not up to that standard meet the Lord, it is due to the unforeseen fortune of accidental devotional service.

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