atmanam ca kuru-srestha
krsnena manaseksitam
dhyayan gate bhagavate
ruroda prema-vihvalah
atmanam—himself; ca—also; kuru-srestha—O best amongst the Kurus; krsnena—by Krsna; manasa—by the mind; iksitam—remembered; dhyayan—thus thinking of; gate—having gone; bhagavate—of the devotee; ruroda—cried loudly; prema-vihvalah—overwhelmed by the ecstasy of love.
Understanding that he was remembered by Lord Krsna [while quitting this world], Vidura began to cry loudly, overwhelmed by the ecstasy of love.
Vidura was overwhelmed by the ecstasy of love when he understood that Lord Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, thought of him at the last moment. Although he thought of himself as insignificant, he was remembered by the Lord, by His causeless mercy. Vidura accepted this as a great favor, and thus he cried. This crying is the last word in the progressive path of devotional service. One who can cry for the Lord in love is certainly successful in the line of devotional service.

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