payah-phena-nibhah sayya
danta rukma-paricchadah
asanani ca haimani
susparsastaranani ca
payah—of milk; phena—the foam; nibhah—resembling; sayyah—beds; dantah—made of ivory; rukma—golden; paricchadah—with covers; asanani—chairs and benches; ca—and; haimani—made of gold; su-sparsa—soft to the touch; astaranani—cushions; ca—and.
The opulence of the household of Kardama Muni is described herein. The bedsheets and mattresses were all as white as the foam of milk, the chairs and benches were made of ivory and were covered by cloths of lace with golden filigree, and the couches were made of gold and had very soft pillows.

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