nirmama nirahankrtah
sva-dharmaptena sattvena
parisuddhena cetasa
nivrtti-dharmain religious activities for detachment; niratahconstantly engaged; nirmamahwithout a sense of proprietorship; nirahankrtahwithout false egoism; sva-dharmaby ones own occupational duties; aptenaexecuted; sattvenaby goodness; parisuddhenacompletely purified; cetasaby consciousness.
By executing ones occupational duties, acting with detachment and without a sense of proprietorship or false egoism, one is posted in ones constitutional position by dint of complete purification of consciousness, and by thus executing so-called material duties he can easily enter into the kingdom of God.
Here the word nivrtti-dharma-niratah means constantly engaging in executing religious activities for detachment. There are two kinds of religious performances. One is called pravrtti-dharma, which means the religious activities performed by the grhamedhis for elevation to higher planets or for economic prosperity, the final aim of which is sense gratification. Every one of us who has come to this material world has the sense of overlordship. This is called pravrtti. But the opposite type of religious performance, which is called nivrtti, is to act for the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Engaged in devotional service in Krsna consciousness, one has no proprietorship claim, nor is one situated in the false egoism of thinking that he is God or the master. He always thinks himself the servant. That is the process of purifying consciousness. With pure consciousness only can one enter into the kingdom of God. Materialistic persons, in their elevated condition, can enter any one of the planets within this material world, but all are subjected to dissolution over and over again.

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