yada cahindra-sayyayam
sete ínantasano harih
tada loka layam yanti
ta ete grha-medhinam
yada—when; ca—and; ahi-indra—of the king of snakes; sayyayam—on the bed; sete—lies; ananta-asanah—He whose seat is Ananta Sesa; harih—Lord Hari; tada—then; lokah—the planets; layam—unto dissolution; yanti—go; te ete—those very; grha-medhinam—of the materialistic householders.
All the planets of the materialistic persons, including all the heavenly planets, such as the moon, are vanquished when the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Hari, goes to His bed of serpents, which is known as Ananta Sesa.
The materially attached are very eager to promote themselves to the heavenly planets such as the moon. There are many heavenly planets to which they aspire just to achieve more and more material happiness by getting a long duration of life and the paraphernalia for sense enjoyment. But the attached persons do not know that even if one goes to the highest planet, Brahmaloka, destruction exists there also. In Bhagavad-gita the Lord says that one can even go to the Brahmaloka, but still he will find the pangs of birth, death, disease and old age. Only by approaching the Lordís abode, the Vaikunthaloka, does one not take birth again in this material world. The grhamedhis, or materialistic persons, however, do not like to use this advantage. They would prefer to transmigrate perpetually from one body to another, or from one planet to another. They do not want the eternal, blissful life in knowledge in the kingdom of God.
There are two kinds of dissolutions. One dissolution takes place at the end of the life of Brahma. At that time all the planetary systems, including the heavenly systems, are dissolved in water and enter into the body of Garbhodakasayi Visnu, who lies on the Garbhodaka Ocean on the bed of serpents, called Sesa. In the other dissolution, which occurs at the end of Brahmaís day, all the lower planetary systems are destroyed. When Lord Brahma rises after his night, these lower planetary systems are again created. The statement in Bhagavad-gita that persons who worship the demigods have lost their intelligence is confirmed in this verse. These less intelligent persons do not know that even if they are promoted to the heavenly planets, at the time of dissolution they themselves, the demigods and all their planets will be annihilated. They have no information that eternal, blissful life can be attained.

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