prajapatih svam duhitaram
drstva tad-rupa-dharsitah
rohid-bhutam so ’nvadhavad
rksa-rupi hata-trapah
praja-patih—Lord Brahma; svam—his own; duhitaram—daughter; drstva—having seen; tat-rupa—by her charms; dharsitah—bewildered; rohit-bhutam—to her in the form of a deer; sah—he; anvadhavat—ran; rksa-rupi—in the form of a stag; hata—bereft of; trapah—shame.
At the sight of his own daughter, Brahma was bewildered by her charms and shamelessly ran up to her in the form of a stag when she took the form of a hind.
Lord Brahma’s being captivated by the charms of his daughter and Lord Siva’s being captivated by the Mohini form of the Lord are specific instances which instruct us that even great demigods like Brahma and Lord Siva, what to speak of the ordinary conditioned soul, are captivated by the beauty of woman. Therefore, everyone is advised that one should not freely mix even with one’s daughter or with one’s mother or with one’s sister, because the senses are so strong that when one becomes infatuated, the senses do not consider the relationship of daughter, mother or sister. It is best, therefore, to practice controlling the senses by performing bhakti-yoga, engaging in the service of Madana-mohana. Lord Krsna’s name is Madana-mohana, for He can subdue the god Cupid, or lust. Only by engaging in the service of Madana-mohana can one curb the dictates of Madana, Cupid. Otherwise, attempts to control the senses will fail.

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