nathamana rsir bhitah
sapta-vadhrih krtanjalih
stuvita tam viklavaya
vaca yenodare írpitah
nathamanah—appealing; rsih—the living entity; bhitah—frightened; sapta-vadhrih—bound by the seven layers; krta-anjalih—with folded hands; stuvita—prays; tam—to the Lord; viklavaya—faltering; vaca—with words; yena—by whom; udare—in the womb; arpitah—he was placed.
The living entity in this frightful condition of life, bound by seven layers of material ingredients, prays with folded hands, appealing to the Lord, who has put him in that condition.
It is said that when a woman is having labor pains she promises that she will never again become pregnant and suffer from such a severely painful condition. Similarly, when one is undergoing some surgical operation he promises that he will never again act in such a way as to become diseased and have to undergo medical surgery, or when one falls into danger, he promises that he will never again make the same mistake. Similarly, the living entity, when put into a hellish condition of life, prays to the Lord that he will never again commit sinful activities and have to be put into the womb for repeated birth and death. In the hellish condition within the womb the living entity is very much afraid of being born again, but when he is out of the womb, when he is in full life and good health, he forgets everything and commits again and again the same sins for which he was put into that horrible condition of existence.

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