atmanam bahu manyate
atmabody; jayawife; sutachildren; agarahome; pasuanimals; dravinawealth; bandhusuin friends; nirudha-muladeep-rooted; hrdayahhis heart; atmanamhimself; bahuhighly; manyatehe thinks.
Such satisfaction with ones standard of living is due to deep-rooted attraction for body, wife, home, children, animals, wealth and friends. In such association, the conditioned soul thinks himself quite perfect.
This so-called perfection of human life is a concoction. Therefore, it is said that the materialist, however materially qualified he may be, is worthless because he is hovering on the mental plane, which will drag him again to the material existence of temporary life. One who acts on the mental plane cannot get promotion to the spiritual. Such a person is always sure to glide down again to material life. In the association of so-called society, friendship and love, the conditioned soul appears completely satisfied.

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