tatrapy ajata-nirvedo
bhriyamanah svayam bhrtaih
maranabhimukho grhe
tatra—there; api—although; ajata—not arisen; nirvedah—aversion; bhriyamanah—being maintained; svayam—by himself; bhrtaih—by those who were maintained; jaraya—by old age; upatta—obtained; vairupyah—deformation; marana—death; abhimukhah—approaching; grhe—at home.
The foolish family man does not become averse to family life although he is maintained by those whom he once maintained. Deformed by the influence of old age, he prepares himself to meet ultimate death.
Family attraction is so strong that even if one is neglected by family members in his old age, he cannot give up family affection, and he remains at home just like a dog. In the Vedic way of life one has to give up family life when he is strong enough. It is advised that before getting too weak and being baffled in material activities, and before becoming diseased, one should give up family life and engage oneself completely in the service of the Lord for the remaining days of his life. It is enjoined, therefore, in the Vedic scriptures, that as soon as one passes fifty years of age, he must give up family life and live alone in the forest. After preparing himself fully, he should become a sannyasi to distribute the knowledge of spiritual life to each and every home.

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