bhagavan api visvatma
kaman siseve dvarvatyam
asaktah sankhyam asthitah
bhagavan—the Personality of Godhead; api—also; visva-atma—the Supersoul of the universe; loka—customary; veda—Vedic principles; patha-anugah—follower of the path; kaman—the necessities of life; siseve—enjoyed; dvarvatyam—in the city of Dvaraka; asaktah—without being attached; sankhyam—knowledge in Sankhya philosophy; asthitah—being situated.
Simultaneously, the Personality of Godhead enjoyed life in the city of Dvaraka, strictly in conformity with the Vedic customs of society. He was situated in detachment and knowledge, as enunciated by the Sankhya system of philosophy.
While Maharaja Yudhisthira was the Emperor of the earth, Lord Sri Krsna was the King of Dvaraka and was known as Dvarakadhisa. Like other subordinate kings, He was under the regime of Maharaja Yudhisthira. Although Lord Sri Krsna is the supreme emperor of the entire creation, while He was on this earth He never violated the principles of the Vedic injunctions because they are the guide for human life. Regulated human life according to the Vedic principles, which are based on the system of knowledge called Sankhya philosophy, is the real way of enjoyment of the necessities of life. Without such knowledge, detachment and custom, the so-called human civilization is no more than an animal society of eat, drink, be merry and enjoy. The Lord was acting freely, as He willed, yet by His practical example He taught not to lead a life which goes against the principles of detachment and knowledge. Attainment of knowledge and detachment, as very elaborately discussed in Sankhya philosophy, is the real perfection of life. Knowledge means to know that the mission of the human form of life is to end all the miseries of material existence and that in spite of having to fulfill the bodily necessities in a regulated way, one must be detached from such animal life. Fulfilling the demands of the body is animal life, and fulfilling the mission of spirit soul is the human mission.

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