maitreya uvaca
iti matur vacah slaksnam
pratinandya maha-munih
ababhase kuru-srestha
pritas tam karunarditah
maitreyah uvacaMaitreya said; itithus; matuhof His mother; vacahthe words; slaksnamgentle; pratinandyawelcoming; maha-munihthe great sage Kapila; ababhasespoke; kuru-sresthaO best among the Kurus, Vidura; pritahpleased; tamto her; karunawith compassion; arditahmoved.
Sri Maitreya said: O best amongst the Kurus, the great sage Kapila, moved by great compassion and pleased by the words of His glorious mother, spoke as follows.
Lord Kapila was very satisfied by the request of His glorious mother because she was thinking not only in terms of her personal salvation but in terms of all the fallen conditioned souls. The Lord is always compassionate towards the fallen souls of this material world, and therefore He comes Himself or sends His confidential servants to deliver them. Since He is perpetually compassionate towards them, if some of His devotees also become compassionate towards them, He is very pleased with the devotees. In Bhagavad-gita it is clearly stated that persons who are trying to elevate the condition of the fallen souls by preaching the conclusion of Bhagavad-gitanamely, full surrender unto the Personality of Godheadare very dear to Him. Thus when the Lord saw that His beloved mother was very compassionate towards the fallen souls, He was pleased, and He also became compassionate towards her.

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