śrīvatsa-vakṣasaṁ bhrājat
lasat—shining; paṅkaja—of a lotus; kiñjalka—filaments; pīta—yellow; kauśeya—silk cloth; vāsasam—whose garment; śrīvatsa—bearing the mark of Śrīvatsa; vakṣasam—breast; bhrājat—brilliant; kaustubhaKaustubha gem; āmukta—put on; kandharam—His neck.
His loins are covered by a shining cloth, yellowish like the filaments of a lotus. On His breast He bears the mark of Śrīvatsa, a curl of white hair. The brilliant Kaustubha gem is suspended from His neck.
The exact color of the garment of the Supreme Lord is described as saffron-yellow, just like the pollen of a lotus flower. The Kaustubha gem hanging on His chest is also described. His neck is beautifully decorated with jewels and pearls. The Lord is full in six opulences, one of which is wealth. He is very richly dressed with valuable jewels which are not visible within this material world.

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