yatha jala-stha abhasah
svabhasena tatha suryo
jala-sthena divi sthitah
yatha—as; jala-sthah—situated on water; abhasah—a reflection; sthala-sthena—situated on the wall; avadrsyate—is perceived; sva-abhasena—by its reflection; tatha—in that way; suryah—the sun; jala-sthena—situated on the water; divi—in the sky; sthitah—situated.
The presence of the Supreme Lord can be realized just as the sun is realized first as a reflection on water, and again as a second reflection on the wall of a room, although the sun itself is situated in the sky.
The example given herewith is perfect. The sun is situated in the sky, far, far away from the surface of the earth, but its reflection can be seen in a pot of water in the corner of a room. The room is dark, and the sun is far away in the sky, but the sunís reflection on the water illuminates the darkness of the room. A pure devotee can realize the presence of the Supreme Personality of Godhead in everything by the reflection of His energy. In the Visnu Purana it is stated that as the presence of fire is understood by heat and light, so the Supreme Personality of Godhead, although one without a second, is perceived everywhere by the diffusion of His different energies. It is confirmed in the Isopanisad that the presence of the Lord is perceived everywhere by the liberated soul, just as the sunshine and the reflection can be perceived everywhere although the sun is situated far away from the surface of the globe.

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