gudam mrtyur apanena
nodatisthat tada virat
hastav indro balenaiva
nodatisthat tada virat
gudam—His anus; mrtyuh—the god of death; apanena—with the organ of defecation; na—not; udatisthat—did arise; tada—even then; virat—the virat-purusa; hastau—the two hands; indrah—Lord Indra; balena—with their power to grasp and drop things; eva—indeed; na—not; udatisthat—did arise; tada—even then; virat—the virat-purusa.
The god of death entered His anus with the organ of defecation, but the virat-purusa could not be spurred to activity. The god Indra entered the hands with their power of grasping and dropping things, but the virat-purusa would not get up even then.

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