parasya dṛśyate dharmo
hy aparasmin samanvayāt
ato viśeṣo bhāvānāṁ
bhūmāv evopalakṣyate
parasya—of the cause; dṛśyate—is observed; dharmaḥ—the characteristics; hi—indeed; aparasmin—in the effect; samanvayāt—in order; ataḥ—hence; viśeṣaḥ—the distinctive characteristic; bhāvānām—of all the elements; bhūmau—in earth; eva—alone; upalakṣyate—is observed.
Since the cause exists in its effect as well, the characteristics of the former are observed in the latter. That is why the peculiarities of all the elements exist in the earth alone.
Sound is the cause of the sky, sky is the cause of the air, air is the cause of fire, fire is the cause of water, and water is the cause of earth. In the sky there is only sound; in the air there are sound and touch; in the fire there are sound, touch and form; in water there are sound, touch, form and taste; and in the earth there are sound, touch, form, taste and smell. Therefore earth is the reservoir of all the qualities of the other elements. Earth is the sum total of all other elements. The earth has all five qualities of the elements, water has four qualities, fire has three, air has two, and the sky has only one quality, sound.

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