vayos ca sparsa-tanmatrad
rupam daiveritad abhut
samutthitam tatas tejas
caksu rupopalambhanam
vayoh—from air; ca—and; sparsa-tanmatrat—which evolves from the subtle element touch; rupam—form; daiva-iritat—according to destiny; abhut—evolved; samutthitam—arose; tatah—from that; tejah—fire; caksuh—sense of sight; rupa—color and form; upalambhanam—perceiving.
By interactions of the air and the sensations of touch, one receives different forms according to destiny. By evolution of such forms, there is fire, and the eye sees different forms in color.
Because of destiny, the touch sensation, the interactions of air, and the situation of the mind, which is produced of the ethereal element, one receives a body according to his previous activities. Needless to say, a living entity transmigrates from one form to another. His form changes according to destiny and by the arrangement of a superior authority which controls the interaction of air and the mental situation. Form is the combination of different types of sense perception. Predestined activities are the plans of the mental situation and the interaction of air.

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