nabhasah sabda-tanmatrat
kala-gatya vikurvatah
sparso bhavat tato vayus
tvak sparsasya ca sangrahah
nabhasahfrom ether; sabda-tanmatratwhich evolves from the subtle element sound; kala-gatyaunder the impulse of time; vikurvatahundergoing transformation; sparsahthe subtle element touch; abhavatevolved; tatahthence; vayuhair; tvakthe sense of touch; sparsasyaof touch; caand; sangrahahperception.
From ethereal existence, which evolves from sound, the next transformation takes place under the impulse of time, and thus the subtle element touch and thence the air and sense of touch become prominent.
In the course of time, when the subtle forms are transformed into gross forms, they become the objects of touch. The objects of touch and the tactile sense also develop after this evolution in time. Sound is the first sense object to exhibit material existence, and from the perception of sound, touch perception evolves and from touch perception the perception of sight. That is the way of the gradual evolution of our perceptive objects.

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