sri-bhagavan uvaca
atha te sampravaksyami
tattvanam laksanam prthak
yad viditva vimucyeta
purusah prakrtair gunaih
sri-bhagavan uvaca—the Personality of Godhead said; atha—now; te—to you; sampravaksyami—I shall describe; tattvanam—of the categories of the Absolute Truth; laksanam—the distinctive features; prthak—one by one; yat—which; viditva—knowing; vimucyeta—one can be released; purusah—any person; prakrtaih—of the material nature; gunaih—from the modes.
The Personality of Godhead, Kapila, continued: My dear mother, now I shall describe unto you the different categories of the Absolute Truth, knowing which any person can be released from the influence of the modes of material nature.
As stated in Bhagavad-gita, one can understand the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the Absolute Truth, only through devotional service (bhaktya mam abhijanati [Bg. 18.55]). As stated in the Bhagavatam, the object of devotional service is mam, Krsna. And, as explained in the Caitanya-caritamrta, to understand Krsna means to understand Krsna in His personal form with His internal energy, His external energy, His expansions and His incarnations. There are many diverse departments of knowledge in understanding Krsna. Sankhya philosophy is especially meant for persons who are conditioned by this material world. It is generally understood by the parampara system, or by disciplic succession, to be the science of devotional service. Preliminary studies of devotional service have already been explained. Now the analytical study of devotional service will be explained by the Lord, who says that by such an analytical study, one becomes freed from the modes of material nature. The same assertion is confirmed in Bhagavad-gita. Tato mam tattvato jnatva: by understanding the Lord according to various categories, one can become eligible to enter into the kingdom of God. This is also explained here. By understanding the science of devotional service in Sankhya philosophy, one can become free from the modes of material nature. The eternal self, after becoming freed from the spell of material nature, becomes eligible to enter into the kingdom of God. As long as one has even a slight desire to enjoy or lord it over material nature, there is no chance of his being freed from the influence of nature’s material modes. Therefore, one has to understand the Supreme Personality of Godhead analytically, as explained in the Sankhya system of philosophy by Lord Kapiladeva.

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