suta uvaca
dvaipayana-sakhas tv evam
maitreyo bhagavams tatha
prahedam viduram prita
anviksikyam pracoditah
sutah uvacaSuta Gosvami said; dvaipayana-sakhah—friend of Vyasadeva; tu—then; evam—thus; maitreyah—Maitreya; bhagavan—worshipful; tatha—in that way; praha—spoke; idam—this; viduram—to Vidura; pritah—being pleased; anviksikyam—about transcendental knowledge; pracoditah—being asked.
Sri Suta Gosvami said: The most powerful sage Maitreya was a friend of Vyasadeva. Being encouraged and pleased by Vidura’s inquiry about transcendental knowledge, Maitreya spoke as follows.
Questions and answers are very satisfactorily dealt with when the inquirer is bona fide and the speaker is also authorized. Here Maitreya is considered a powerful sage, and therefore he is also described as bhagavan. This word can be used not only for the Supreme Personality of Godhead but for anyone who is almost as powerful as the Supreme Lord. Maitreya is addressed as bhagavan because he was spiritually far advanced. He was a personal friend of Dvaipayana Vyasadeva, a literary incarnation of the Lord. Maitreya was very pleased with the inquiries of Vidura because they were the inquiries of a bona fide, advanced devotee. Thus Maitreya was encouraged to answer. When there are discourses on transcendental topics between devotees of equal mentality, the questions and answers are very fruitful and encouraging.

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