tam imam te pravaksyami
yam avocam puranaghe
rsinam srotu-kamanam
yogam sarvanga-naipunam
tam imamthat very; teto you; pravaksyamiI shall explain; yamwhich; avocamI explained; puraformerly; anagheO pious mother; rsinamto the sages; srotu-kamanameager to hear; yogamyoga system; sarva-angain all respects; naipunamserviceable and practical.
O most pious mother, I shall now explain unto you the ancient yoga system, which I explained formerly to the great sages. It is serviceable and practical in every way.
The Lord does not manufacture a new system of yoga. Sometimes it is claimed that someone has become an incarnation of God and is expounding a new theological aspect of the Absolute Truth. But here we find that although Kapila Muni is the Lord Himself and is capable of manufacturing a new doctrine for His mother, He nevertheless says, I shall just explain the ancient system which I once explained to the great sages because they were also anxious to hear about it. When we have a superexcellent process already present in Vedic scriptures, there is no need to concoct a new system, to mislead the innocent public. At present it has become a fashion to reject the standard system and present something bogus in the name of a newly invented process of yoga.

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