petuh sumanaso divyah
khe-carair apavarjitah
prasedus ca disah sarva
ambhamsi ca manamsi ca
petuhfell; sumanasahflowers; divyahbeautiful; khe-caraihby the demigods who fly in the sky; apavarjitahdropped; praseduhbecame satisfied; caand; disahdirections; sarvahall; ambhamsiwaters; caand; manamsiminds; caand.
At the time of the Lords appearance, the demigods flying freely in the sky showered flowers. All the directions, all the waters and everyones mind became very satisfied.
It is learned herewith that in the higher sky there are living entities who can travel through the air without being hampered. Although we can travel in outer space, we are hampered by so many impediments, but they are not. We learn from the pages of Srimad-Bhagavatam that the inhabitants of the planet called Siddhaloka can travel in space from one planet to another without impediment. They showered flowers on the earth when Lord Kapila, the son of Kardama, appeared.

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