maitreya uvaca
devahuty api sandesam
gauravena prajapateh
samyak sraddhaya purusam
kuta-stham abhajad gurum
maitreyah uvacaMaitreya said; devahutiDevahuti; apialso; sandesamthe direction; gauravenawith great respect; prajapatehof Kardama; samyakcomplete; sraddhayahaving faith in; purusamthe Supreme Personality of Godhead; kuta-sthamsituated in everyones heart; abhajatworshiped; gurummost worshipable.
Sri Maitreya said: Devahuti was fully faithful and respectful toward the direction of her husband, Kardama, who was one of the Prajapatis, or generators of human beings in the universe. O great sage, she thus began to worship the master of the universe, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is situated in everyones heart.
This is the process of spiritual realization; one has to receive instruction from a bona fide spiritual master. Kardama Muni was Devahutis husband, but because he instructed her on how to achieve spiritual perfection, he naturally became her spiritual master also. There are many instances wherein the husband becomes the spiritual master. Lord Siva also is the spiritual master of his consort, Parvati. A husband should be so enlightened that he should become the spiritual master of his wife in order to enlighten her in the advancement of Krsna consciousness. Generally stri, or woman, is less intelligent than man; therefore, if the husband is intelligent enough, the woman gets a great opportunity for spiritual enlightenment.
Here it is clearly said (samyak sraddhaya) that with great faith one should receive knowledge from the spiritual master and with great faith execute the performance of service. Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura, in his commentary on Bhagavad-gita, has especially stressed the instruction of the spiritual master. One should accept the instruction of the spiritual master as ones life and soul. Whether one is liberated or not liberated, one should execute the instruction of the spiritual master with great faith. It is also stated that the Lord is situated in everyones heart. One does not have to seek the Lord outside; He is already there. One simply has to concentrate on ones worship in good faith, as instructed by the bona fide spiritual master, and ones efforts will come out successfully. It is also clear that the Supreme Personality of Godhead does not appear as an ordinary child; He appears as He is. As stated in Bhagavad-gita, He appears by His own internal potency, atma-maya. And how does He appear? He appears when pleased by the worship of a devotee. A devotee may ask the Lord to appear as her son. The Lord is already sitting within the heart, and if He comes out from the body of a devotee it does not mean that the particular woman becomes His mother in the material sense. He is always there, but in order to please His devotee, He appears as her son.

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