dhṛta-vratāsi bhadraṁ te
damena niyamena ca
tapo-draviṇa-dānaiś ca
śraddhayā ceśvaraṁ bhaja
dhṛta-vratā asi—you have undertaken sacred vows; bhadram te—may God bless you; damena—by control of the senses; niyamena—by religious observances; ca—and; tapaḥ—austerities; draviṇa—of money; dānaiḥ—by giving in charity; ca—and; śraddhayā—with great faith; ca—and; īśvaram—the Supreme Lord; bhaja—worship.
You have undertaken sacred vows. God will bless you. Hence you should worship the Lord with great faith, through sensory control, religious observances, austerities and gifts of your money in charity.
In order to spiritually advance or to achieve the mercy of the Lord, one must be self-controlled in the following manner: he must be restrained in sense gratification and must follow the rules and regulations of religious principles. Without austerity and penance and without sacrificing one’s riches, one cannot achieve the mercy of the Supreme Lord. Kardama Muni advised his wife: “You have to factually engage in devotional service with austerity and penance, following the religious principles and giving charity. Then the Supreme Lord will be pleased with you, and He will come as your son.”

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