evaṁ bruvāṇam abalākhila-yogamāyā-
vidyā-vicakṣaṇam avekṣya gatādhir āsīt
sampraśraya-praṇaya-vihvalayā gireṣad-
evam—thus; bruvāṇam—speaking; abalā—the woman; akhila—all; yoga-māyā—of transcendental science; vidyā-vicakṣaṇam—excelling in knowledge; avekṣya—after hearing; gata-ādhiḥ—satisfied; āsīt—she became; sampraśraya—with humility; praṇaya—and with love; vihvalayā—choked up; girā—with a voice; īṣat—slightly; vrīḍā—bashful; avaloka—with a glance; vilasat—shining; hasita—smiling; ānanā—her face; āha—she spoke.
Upon hearing the speaking of her husband, who excelled in knowledge of all kinds of transcendental science, innocent Devahūti was very satisfied. Her smiling face shining with a slightly bashful glance, she spoke in a choked voice because of great humility and love.
It is said that if one is already engaged in Kṛṣṇa consciousness and is rendering transcendental loving service to the Lord, then it can be supposed that he has finished all the recommended courses of austerity, penance, religion, sacrifice, mystic yoga and meditation. Devahūti’s husband was so expert in the transcendental science that there was nothing for him to argue about, and when she heard him speak she was confident that since he was very much advanced in devotional service he had already surpassed all transcendental educational activities. She had no doubt about the gifts offered by her husband; she knew that he was expert in offering such gifts, and when she understood that he was offering the greatest gift, she was very satisfied. She was overwhelmed with ecstatic love, and therefore she could not reply; then, with faltering language, just like an attractive wife, she spoke the following words.

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