tasmin vimāna utkṛṣṭāṁ
śayyāṁ rati-karīṁ śritā
na cābudhyata taṁ kālaṁ
patyāpīcyena saṅgatā
tasmin—in that; vimāne—airplane; utkṛṣṭām—excellent; śayyām—a bed; rati-karīm—increasing sexual desires; śritā—situated on; na—not; ca—and; abudhyata—she noticed; tam—that; kālam—time; patyā—with her husband; apīcyena—most handsome; saṅgatā—in company.
In that aerial mansion, Devahūti, in the company of her handsome husband, situated on an excellent bed that increased sexual desires, could not realize how much time was passing.
Sex indulgence is so enjoyable for materialistic people that when they engage in such activities they forget how time is passing. Saint Kardama and Devahūti, in their sex indulgence, also forgot how time was passing by.

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