bhrajisnuna vimanena
kama-gena mahiyasa
vaimanikan atyaseta
caral lokan yathanilah
bhrajisnunasplendid; vimanenawith the airplane; kama-genawhich flew according to his desire; mahiyasavery great; vaimanikanthe demigods in their airplanes; atyasetahe surpassed; carantraveling; lokanthrough the planets; yathalike; anilahthe air.
He traveled in that way through the various planets, as the air passes uncontrolled in every direction. Coursing through the air in that great and splendid aerial mansion, which could fly at his will, he surpassed even the demigods.
The planets occupied by the demigods are restricted to their own orbits, but Kardama Muni, by his yogic power, could travel all over the different directions of the universe without restriction. The living entities who are within the universe are called conditioned souls; that is, they are not free to move everywhere. We are inhabitants of this earthly globe; we cannot move freely to other planets. In the modern age, man is trying to go to other planets, but so far he has been unsuccessful. It is not possible to travel to any other planets because by the laws of nature even the demigods cannot move from one planet to another. But Kardama Muni, by his yogic power, could surpass the strength of the demigods and travel in space in all directions. The comparison here is very suitable. The words yatha anilah indicate that as the air is free to move anywhere without restriction, so Kardama Muni unrestrictedly traveled in all directions of the universe.

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