sa bhavan duhitr-sneha-
pariklistatmano mama
srotum arhasi dinasya
sravitam krpaya mune
sah—yourself; bhavan—Your Honor; duhitr-sneha—by affection for my daughter; pariklista-atmanah—whose mind is agitated; mama—my; srotum—to listen; arhasi—be pleased; dinasya—of my humble self; sravitam—to the prayer; krpaya—graciously; mune—O sage.
O great sage, graciously be pleased to listen to the prayer of my humble self, for my mind is troubled by affection for my daughter.
When a disciple is perfectly in consonance with the spiritual master, having received his message and executed it perfectly and sincerely, he has a right to ask a particular favor from the spiritual master. Generally a pure devotee of the Lord or a pure disciple of a bona fide spiritual master does not ask any favor either from the Lord or the spiritual master, but even if there is a need to ask a favor from the spiritual master, one cannot ask that favor without satisfying him fully. Svayambhuva Manu wanted to disclose his mind regarding the function he wanted to execute due to affection for his daughter.

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