manur uvaca
brahmasrjat sva-mukhato
yusman atma-paripsaya
chandomayas tapo-vidya-
yoga-yuktan alampatan
manuhManu; uvacasaid; brahmaLord Brahma; asrjatcreated; sva-mukhatahfrom his face; yusmanyou (brahmanas); atma-paripsayato protect himself by expanding; chandah-mayahthe form of the Vedas; tapah-vidya-yoga-yuktanfull of austerity, knowledge and mystic power; alampatanaverse to sense gratification.
Manu replied: To expand himself in Vedic knowledge, Lord Brahma, the personified Veda, from his face created you, the brahmanas, who are full of austerity, knowledge and mystic power and are averse to sense gratification.
The purpose of the Vedas is to propagate the transcendental knowledge of the Absolute Truth. The brahmanas were created from the mouth of the Supreme Person, and therefore they are meant to spread the knowledge of the Vedas in order to spread the glories of the Lord. In Bhagavad-gita also Lord Krsna says that all the Vedas are meant for understanding the Supreme Personality of Godhead. It is especially mentioned here (yoga-yuktan alampatan) that brahmanas are full of mystic power and are completely averse to sense gratification. Actually there are two kinds of occupations. One occupation, in the material world, is sense gratification, and the other occupation is spiritual activityto satisfy the Lord by His glorification. Those who engage in sense gratification are called demons, and those who spread the glorification of the Lord or satisfy the transcendental senses of the Lord are called demigods. It is specifically mentioned here that the brahmanas are created from the face of the cosmic personality, or virat-purusa; similarly the ksatriyas are said to be created from His arms, the vaisyas are created from His waist, and the sudras are created from His legs. Brahmanas are especially meant for austerity, learning and knowledge and are averse to all kinds of sense gratification.

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