adharmas ca samedheta
lolupair vyankusair nrbhih
sayane tvayi loko yam
dasyu-grasto vinanksyati
adharmahunrighteousness; caand; samedhetawould flourish; lolupaihsimply hankering after money; vyankusaihuncontrolled; nrbhihby men; sayane tvayiwhen you lie down for rest; lokahworld; ayamthis; dasyuby the miscreants; grastahattacked; vinanksyatiit will perish.
If you gave up all thought of the worlds situation, unrighteousness would flourish, for men who hanker only after money would be unopposed. Such miscreants would attack, and the world would perish.
Because the scientific division of four varnas and four asramas is now being extinguished, the entire world is being governed by unwanted men who have no training in religion, politics or social order, and it is in a very deplorable condition. In the institution of four varnas and four asramas there are regular training principles for the different classes of men. Just as, in the modern age, there is a necessity for engineers, medical practitioners and electricians, and they are properly trained in different scientific institutions, similarly, in former times, the higher social orders, namely the intelligent class (the brahmanas), the ruling class (the ksatriyas) and the mercantile class (the vaisyas), were properly trained. Bhagavad-gita describes the duties of the brahmanas, ksatriyas, vaisyas and sudras. When there is no such training, one simply claims that because he is born in a brahmana or ksatriya family, he is therefore a brahmana or a ksatriya, even though he performs the duties of a sudra. Such undue claims to being a higher-caste man make the system of scientific social orders into a caste system, completely degrading the original system. Thus society is now in chaos, and there is neither peace nor prosperity. It is clearly stated herein that unless there is the vigilance of a strong king, impious, unqualified men will claim a certain status in society, and that will make the social order perish.

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