rsir uvaca
ity avyalikam pranuto bja-nabhas
tam ababhase vacasamrtena
suparna-paksopari rocamanah
rsih uvacathe great sage Maitreya said; itithus; avyalikamsincerely; pranutahhaving been praised; abja-nabhahLord Visnu; tamto Kardama Muni; ababhasereplied; vacasawith words; amrtenaas sweet as nectar; suparnaof Garuda; paksathe shoulders; upariupon; rocamanahshining; premaof affection; smitawith a smile; udviksanalooking; vibhramatgracefully moving; bhruheyebrows.
Maitreya resumed: Sincerely extolled in these words, Lord Visnu, shining very beautifully on the shoulders of Garuda, replied with words as sweet as nectar. His eyebrows moved gracefully as He looked at the sage with a smile full of affection.
The word vacasamrtena is significant. Whenever the Lord speaks, He speaks from the transcendental world. He does not speak from the material world. Since He is transcendental, His speech is also transcendental, as is His activity; everything in relation to Him is transcendental. The word amrta refers to one who does not meet with death. The words and activities of the Lord are deathless; therefore they are not manufactured of this material world. The sound of this material world and that of the spiritual world are completely different. The sound of the spiritual world is nectarean and eternal, whereas the sound of the material world is hackneyed and subject to end. The sound of the holy nameHare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna, Hare Hareeverlastingly increases the enthusiasm of the chanter. If one repeats monotonous material words, he will feel exhausted, but if he chants Hare Krsna twenty-four hours a day, he will never feel exhausted; rather, he will feel encouraged to continue chanting more and more. When the Lord replied to the sage Kardama, the word vacasamrtena is specifically mentioned, since He spoke from the transcendental world. He replied in transcendental words, and when He spoke His eyebrows moved with great affection. When a devotee praises the glories of the Lord, the Lord is very satisfied, and He bestows His transcendental benediction upon the devotee without reservation because He is always causelessly merciful toward His devotee.

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