kasi kasyasi rambhoru
ko varthas te ítra bhamini
durbhagan no vibadhase
ka—who; asi—are you; kasya—belonging to whom; asi—are you; rambhoru—O pretty one; kah—what; va—or; arthah—object; te—your; atra—here; bhamini—O passionate lady; rupa—beauty; dravina—priceless; panyena—with the commodity; durbhagan—unfortunate; nah—us; vibadhase—you tantalize.
Who are you, O pretty girl? Whose wife or daughter are you, and what can be the object of your appearing before us? Why do you tantalize us, unfortunate as we are, with the priceless commodity of your beauty?
The mentality of the demons in being enamored by the false beauty of this material world is expressed herein. The demoniac can pay any price for the skin beauty of this material world. They work very hard all day and night, but the purpose of their hard work is to enjoy sex life. Sometimes they misrepresent themselves as karma-yogis, not knowing the meaning of the word yoga. Yoga means to link up with the Supreme Personality of Godhead, or to act in Krsna consciousness. A person who works very hard, no matter in what occupation, and who offers the result of the work to the service of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krsna, is called a karma-yogi.

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