tam kvanac-caranambhojam
tamthat body; kvanattinkling with ankle bells; carana-ambhojamwith lotus feet; madaintoxication; vihvalaoverwhelmed; locanamwith eyes; kanci-kalapawith a girdle made of golden ornaments; vilasatshining; dukulaby fine cloth; channacovered; rodhasamhaving hips.
The body given up by Brahma took the form of the evening twilight, when the day and night meet, a time which kindles passion. The asuras, who are passionate by nature, dominated as they are by the element of rajas, took it for a damsel, whose lotus feet resounded with the tinkling of anklets, whose eyes were wide with intoxication and whose hips were covered by fine cloth, over which shone a girdle.
As early morning is the period for spiritual cultivation, the beginning of evening is the period for passion. Demoniac men are generally very fond of sex enjoyment; therefore they very much appreciate the approach of evening. The demons took the approach of the evening twilight to be a beautiful woman, and they began to adore her in various ways. They imagined the twilight to be a very beautiful woman with tinkling bangles on her feet, a girdle on her hips, and beautiful breasts, and for their sexual satisfaction they imagined the appearance of this beautiful girl before them.

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