ksut-trdbhyam upasrstas te
tam jagdhum abhidudruvuh
ma raksatainam jaksadhvam
ity ucuh ksut-trd-arditah
ksut-trdbhyamby hunger and thirst; upasrstahwere overcome; tethe demons (Yaksas and Raksasas); tamLord Brahma; jagdhumto eat; abhidudruvuhran toward; mado not; raksataspare; enamhim; jaksadhvameat; itithus; ucuhsaid; ksut-trt-arditahafflicted by hunger and thirst.
Overpowered by hunger and thirst, they ran to devour Brahma from all sides and cried, Spare him not! Eat him up!
The representatives of the Yaksas and Raksasas still exist in some countries of the world. It is understood that such uncivilized men take pleasure in killing their own grandfathers and holding a love feast by roasting the bodies.

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