drsta bhavadbhir nanu rajasuye
caidyasya krsnam dvisato pi siddhih
yam yoginah samsprhayanti samyag
yogena kas tad-viraham saheta
drstait has been seen; bhavadbhihby your good self; nanuof course; rajasuyein the assembly of the rajasuya sacrifice performed by Maharaja Yudhisthira; caidyasyaof the King of Cedi (Sisupala); krsnamunto Krsna; dvisatahenvying; apiin spite of; siddhihsuccess; yamwhich; yoginahthe yogis; samsprhayantiverily desire; samyakfully; yogenaby performance of yoga; kahwho; tatHis; virahamseparation; sahetacan tolerate.
You have personally seen how the King of Cedi [Sisupala] achieved success in yoga practice, although he hated Lord Krsna. Even the actual yogis aspire after such success with great interest by performance of their various practices. Who can tolerate separation from Him?
Lord Krsnas causeless mercy was exhibited in the great assembly of Maharaja Yudhisthira. He was merciful even to His enemy the King of Cedi, who always tried to be an envious rival of the Lord. Because it is not possible to be a bona fide rival of the Lord, the King of Cedi was extremely malicious toward Lord Krsna. In this he was like many other asuras, such as Kamsa and Jarasandha. In the open assembly of the rajasuya sacrifice performed by Maharaja Yudhisthira, Sisupala insulted Lord Krsna, and he was finally killed by the Lord. But it was seen by everyone in the assembly that a light flashed out of the body of the King of Cedi and merged into the body of Lord Krsna. This means that Cediraja achieved the salvation of attaining oneness with the Supreme, which is a perfection most desired by the jnanis and yogis and for which they execute their different types of transcendental activities.
It is a fact that persons who are trying to understand the Supreme Truth by their personal endeavors of mental speculation or mystic powers of yoga achieve the same goal as others who are personally killed by the Lord. Both achieve the salvation of merging in the brahmajyoti rays of the transcendental body of the Lord. The Lord was merciful even to His enemy, and the success of the King of Cedi was observed by everyone who was present in the assembly. Vidura was also present there, and therefore Uddhava referred the incident to his memory.

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