TEXTS 22–23
esa te deva devanam
anghri-mulam upeyusam
vipranam saurabheyinam
bhutanam apy anagasam
agas-krd bhaya-krd duskrd
asmad-raddha-varo ’surah
anvesann apratiratho
lokan atati kantakah
brahma uvaca—Lord Brahma said; esah—this demon; te—Your; deva—O Lord; devanam—to the demigods; anghri-mulam—Your feet; upeyusam—to those having obtained; vipranam—to the brahmanas; saurabheyinam—to the cows; bhutanam—to ordinary living entities; api—also; anagasam—innocent; agah-krt—an offender; bhaya-krt—a source of fear; duskrt—wrongdoer; asmat—from me; raddha-varah—having attained a boon; asurah—a demon; anvesan—searching; apratirathah—having no proper combatant; lokan—all over the universe; atati—he wanders; kantakah—being a pinprick for everyone.
Lord Brahma said: My dear Lord, this demon has proved to be a constant pinprick to the demigods, the brahmanas, the cows and innocent persons who are spotless and always dependent upon worshiping Your lotus feet. He has become a source of fear by unnecessarily harassing them. Since he has attained a boon from me, he has become a demon, always searching for a proper combatant, wandering all over the universe for this infamous purpose.
There are two classes of living entities; one is called sura, or the demigods, and the other is called asura, or the demons. Demons are generally fond of worshiping the demigods, and there are evidences that by such worship they get extensive power for their sense gratification. This later proves to be a cause of trouble to the brahmanas, demigods and other innocent living entities. Demons habitually find fault with the demigods, brahmanas and innocent, to whom they are a constant source of fear. The way of the demon is to take power from the demigods and then tease the demigods themselves. There is an instance of a great devotee of Lord Siva who obtained a boon from Lord Siva that the head of whomever he touched with his hand would come off its trunk. As soon as the boon was offered to him, the demon wanted to touch the very head of Lord Siva. That is their way. The devotees of the Supreme Personality of Godhead do not, however, ask any favor for sense gratification. Even if they are offered liberation, they refuse it. They are happy simply engaging in the transcendental loving service of the Lord.

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