tayoh sprdhos tigma-gadahatangayoh
vicitra-margams carator jigisaya
vyabhad ilayam iva susminor mrdhah
tayohthem; sprdhohthe two combatants; tigmapointed; gadaby the maces; ahatainjured; angayohtheir bodies; ksata-asravablood coming out from the injuries; ghranasmell; vivrddhaincreased; manyvohanger; vicitraof various kinds; marganmaneuvers; caratohperforming; jigisayawith a desire to win; vyabhatit looked like; ilayamfor the sake of a cow (or the earth); ivalike; susminohof two bulls; mrdhahan encounter.
There was keen rivalry between the two combatants; both had sustained injuries on their bodies from the blows of each others pointed maces, and each grew more and more enraged at the smell of blood on his person. In their eagerness to win, they performed maneuvers of various kinds, and their contest looked like an encounter between two forceful bulls for the sake of a cow.
Here the earth planet is called ila. This earth was formerly known as Ilavrta-varsa, and when Maharaja Pariksit ruled the earth it was called Bharata-varsa. Actually, Bharata-varsa is the name for the entire planet, but gradually Bharata-varsa has come to mean India. As India has recently been divided into Pakistan and Hindustan, similarly the earth was formerly called Ilavrta-varsa, but gradually as time passed it was divided by national boundaries.

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