maitreya uvaca
so dhiksipto bhagavata
pralabdhas ca rusa bhrsam
ajaharolbanam krodham
kridyamano hi-rad iva
maitreyahthe great sage Maitreya; uvacasaid; sahthe demon; adhiksiptahhaving been insulted; bhagavataby the Personality of Godhead; pralabdhahridiculed; caand; rusaangry; bhrsamgreatly; ajaharacollected; ulbanamgreat; krodhamanger; kridyamanahbeing played with; ahi-rata great cobra; ivalike.
Sri Maitreya said: The demon, being thus challenged by the Personality of Godhead, became angry and agitated, and he trembled in anger like a challenged cobra.
A cobra is very fierce before ordinary persons, but before an enchanter who can play with him, he is a plaything. Similarly, a demon may be very powerful in his own domain, but before the Lord he is insignificant. The demon Ravana was a fierce figure before the demigods, but when he was before Lord Ramacandra he trembled and prayed to his deity, Lord Siva, but to no avail.

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