hiranyakso ínujas tasya
priyah priti-krd anvaham
gada-panir divam yato
yuyutsur mrgayan ranam
hiranyaksahHiranyaksa; anujah—younger brother; tasya—his; priyah—beloved; priti-krt—ready to please; anu-aham—every day; gada-panih—with a club in hand; divam—to the higher planets; yatah—traveled; yuyutsuh—desirous to fight; mrgayan—seeking; ranam—combat.
His younger brother, Hiranyaksa, was always ready to satisfy his elder brother by his activities. Hiranyaksa took a club on his shoulder and traveled all over the universe with a fighting spirit just to satisfy Hiranyakasipu.
The demoniac spirit is to train all family members to exploit the resources of this universe for personal sense gratification, whereas the godly spirit is to engage everything in the service of the Lord. Hiranyakasipu was himself very powerful, and he made his younger brother, Hiranyaksa, powerful to assist him in fighting with everyone and lording it over material nature as long as possible. If possible, he wanted to rule the universe eternally. These are demonstrations of the spirit of the demoniac living entity.

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