divi-sprsau hema-kirita-kotibhir
niruddha-kasthau sphurad-angada-bhujau
gam kampayantau caranaih pade pade
katya sukancyarkam atitya tasthatuh
divi-sprsau—touching the sky; hema—golden; kirita—of their helmets; kotibhih—with the crests; niruddha—blocked; kasthau—the directions; sphurat—brilliant; angada—bracelets; bhujau—on whose arms; gam—the earth; kampayantau—shaking; caranaih—with their feet; pade pade—at every step; katya—with their waists; su-kancya—with beautiful decorated belts; arkam—the sun; atitya—surpassing; tasthatuh—they stood.
Their bodies became so tall that they seemed to kiss the sky with the crests of their gold crowns. They blocked the view of all directions and while walking shook the earth at every step. Their arms were adorned with brilliant bracelets, and they stood as if covering the sun with their waists, which were bound with excellent and beautiful girdles.
In the demoniac way of civilization, people are interested in getting a body constructed in such a way that when they walk on the street the earth will tremble and when they stand it will appear that they cover the sun and the vision of the four directions. If a race appears strong in body, their country is materially considered to be among the highly advanced nations of the world.

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