grahan punyataman anye
bhaganams capi dipitah
aticerur vakra-gatya
yuyudhus ca parasparam
grahan—planets; punya-taman—most auspicious; anye—others (the ominous planets); bha-ganan—luminaries; ca—and; api—also; dipitah—illuminating; aticeruh—overlapped; vakra-gatya—taking retrograde courses; yuyudhuh—came into conflict; ca—and; parah-param—with one another.
Ominous planets such as Mars and Saturn shone brighter and surpassed the auspicious ones such as Mercury, Jupiter and Venus as well as a number of lunar mansions. Taking seemingly retrograde courses, the planets came in conflict with one another.
The entire universe is moving under the three modes of material nature. Those living entities who are in goodness are called the pious species—pious lands, pious trees, etc. It is similar with the planets also; many planets are considered pious, and others are considered impious. Saturn and Mars are considered impious. When the pious planets shine very brightly, it is an auspicious sign, but when the inauspicious planets shine very brightly, this is not a very good sign.

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