maitreya uvaca
nisamyatma-bhuva gitam
karanam sankayojjhitah
tatah sarve nyavartanta
tridivaya divaukasah
maitreyahthe sage Maitreya; uvacasaid; nisamyaupon hearing; atma-bhuvaby Brahma; gitamexplanation; karanamthe cause; sankayafrom fear; ujjhitahfreed; tatahthen; sarveall; nyavartantareturned; tri-divayato the heavenly planets; diva-okasahthe demigods (who inhabit the higher planets).
Sri Maitreya said: The demigods, the inhabitants of the higher planets, were freed from all fear upon hearing the cause of the darkness explained by Brahma, who was born from Visnu. Thus they all returned to their respective planets.
The demigods, who are denizens of higher planets, are also very much afraid of incidents such as the universes becoming dark, and so they consulted Brahma. This indicates that the quality of fear exists for every living entity in the material world. The four principal activities of material existence are eating, sleeping, fearing and mating. The fear element exists also in the demigods. On every planet, even in the higher planetary systems, including the moon and the sun, as well as on this earth, the same principles of animal life exist. Otherwise, why are the demigods also afraid of the darkness? The difference between the demigods and ordinary human beings is that the demigods approach authority, whereas the inhabitants of this earth defy authority. If people would only approach the authority, then every adverse condition in this universe could be rectified. Arjuna was also disturbed on the Battlefield of Kuruksetra, but he approached the authority, Krsna, and his problem was solved. The conclusive instruction of this incident is that we may be disturbed by some material condition, but if we approach the authority who can actually explain the matter, then our problem is solved. The demigods approached Brahma for the meaning of the disturbance, and after hearing from him they were satisfied and returned home peacefully.

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