pitamsuke prthu-nitambini visphurantya
kancyalibhir virutaya vana-malaya ca
valgu-prakostha-valayam vinata-sutamse
vinyasta-hastam itarena dhunanam abjam
pita-amsukecovered with a yellow cloth; prthu-nitambinion His large hips; visphurantyashining brightly; kancyawith a girdle; alibhihby the bees; virutayahumming; vana-malayawith a garland of fresh flowers; caand; valgulovely; prakosthawrists; valayambracelets; vinata-sutaof Garuda, the son of Vinata; amseon the shoulder; vinyastarested; hastamone hand; itarenawith another hand; dhunanambeing twirled; abjama lotus flower.
He was adorned with a girdle that shone brightly on the yellow cloth covering His large hips, and He wore a garland of fresh flowers which was distinguished by humming bees. His lovely wrists were graced with bracelets, and He rested one of His hands on the shoulder of Garuda, His carrier, and twirled a lotus with another hand.
Here is a full description of the Personality of Godhead as personally experienced by the sages. The Lords personal body was covered with yellow robes, and His waist was thin. In Vaikuntha, whenever there is a flower garland on the chest of the Personality of Godhead or any one of His associates, it is described that the humming bees are there. All these features were very beautiful and attractive for the devotees. One of the Lords hands rested on His carrier, Garuda, and in another hand He twirled a lotus flower. These are personal characteristics of the Personality of Godhead, Narayana.

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